Threats with no potential — our favorite kind.

No news is good news when you take a proactive approach to detecting and mitigating cyber threats. Minimize the impact of cyber incidents with an expert team and a holistic approach.

What are  cyber threat services
all about?

We provide the people, process and technology to detect, prevent and respond to cyber threats. Our solutions are both proactive and reactive so you can avoid and/or minimize the financial costs associated with cyber incidents—like remediation, legal fees and reputational damage.

Stay ahead of cyberattacks with threat intelligence services from CI.

Compliant solutions only 

Need to work within regulatory requirements like HIPAA, PCI DSS and GDPR? We’ve got the expertise you need to simplify and maintain compliance.

Comprehensive approach 

There’s no “set it and forget it” when it comes to today’s complex threat landscape, from ransomware to malware, the dark web, emerging attack vectors and beyond. Threat actors never stop scheming, so we take a holistic approach to cyber threat management that spans threat posture improvement, vulnerability management, incident response and employee training.

Expert guidance, tailored to you

We’ve helped multiple Fortune 100 and 500 companies develop and implement effective cyber security strategies. Our experienced security professionals draw from real-world experience and prioritize your specific needs and threat posture.

The latest tech 

Tap into the latest technologies and our strong partnerships with leading technology vendors to upgrade your security operations, enhance threat data, protect endpoints, mitigate risks and detect threats faster.

Meet the expert.

Steve Angell, Senior Solutions Architect

In his 13 years of consulting, Steve has never missed a deadline. It’s an accomplishment he’s quite proud of—and a reflection of his meticulous, detail-oriented approach to solving client challenges. At CI, Steve focuses on bridging the gap between business needs and technologies, acting as a hands-on expert, overseeing the successful implementation of solution architecture, building client relationships and identifying new opportunities to bring value to clients. His efforts have helped grow our Solution Center as he dives into complex deployment solutions and masters new components.

Actionable threat intelligence, testing & training.

In-depth analysis of the threat landscape.

We can help you get proactive regarding threat detection and response with actionable intelligence.

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